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That is so pretty! A casual sweater you can wear every day, with a few details to make it special. The color is great too.


Lovely! I've wanted to make that sweater too.


Absolutely beautiful. I am considering making this sweater and am hunting down finished versions on the web to cull from others experiences. Thanks for posting yours!


Thanks! No reservations about this pattern--have fun knitting it.


HA! Okay, you're the one with amazing sweater!! I'm happy to tell you that my 'duvet cover' is still available at Urban Outfitters...it's just a heavy sheet-y thing, they are awesome for covering ugly furniture, having picnics, etc.! I saw this one in a magazine and STALKED it on the Interweb. I was thrilled to find out it was relatively cheap. One day I'll turn it into curtains or a dress, a la Sound of Music's Maria!



Also, we must have similar tastes because I just ordered my first Fleece Artist yarn and one of the skeins is Mahogany!

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